Looking for the real reason kids are so fond of the word no, we found a logical explanation and excellent advice on how to deal with these elections. The world is still a mysterious place to your toddler, and he feels pretty powerless in it. Saying no is a normal way for him to feel as if he has some control.

Help! I feel like I’m losing ground when it comes to my son and his behavior. He is 26 months old and has recently started to say “no” and “not” on virtually everything I tell him to do. My husband and I try to stay positive and to say “no” to all the bad he does. I do not know where he gets the needs to say “no” so often.


One example is the pajamas. It began to lasts for half an hour because he simply refuses to get dressed. There’s nothing we have not tried – requests, persuasion, prohibitions, nothing no results. He’s not a hysterical kid, he isn’t throwing them on the floor, but simply – it will not.

This made me really laugh. It may sound strange, but “no” and “never” are just words that should, as part of its development and the creation of independence, that often to be pronounced in this period. It is a word that gives him power, a sense that it makes a decision, including a sense of independence. Instead of you to throw off balance, accept and appreciate it’s a different opinion. He asks it of you. Just be wise with it.

So the next time it says, “No, I’m not going to wear pajamas,” Stay calm and say, “Oh, I see. You do not want to wear pajamas. Q. What would you like to wear to sleep? “Or, perhaps,” Which of these two pajamas do you want to wear tonight? “Or,” You do not want your pajamas? I get it. But if it is not put on in the next five minutes, we will not stay the time to read a bedtime story … “or” Do you want to wear pajamas now or in five minutes? ”


Do you understand the difference?

Instead of simply ordering to do something, you’re giving him a chance to make a decision, and that his wishes are appreciated and respected. This is something that a kid growing up needs and what you have to offer to him.

What’s the worst that can happen with your kids?

Sleeping in his clothes for the day? Even then, you can say, “I want you to be comfortable, and I’ll still help you to wear these pajamas. Or maybe I want to get dressed? “And then you can say,” Now we will not miss the time for a bedtime story because you did not put his pajamas on time. I hope that tomorrow we will complete all before, but we’ll make it and read this story. I love you, baby! Goodnight!


Throwing the food is a pretty clear sign that’s not hungry. I do not think that kids do not need to have set boundaries. You can say: “When you eat, your food should be on your plate. If you throw your food means you’re finished. I’ll put away the food for later when you’re hungry again. ”

Just keep in mind that during this period it’s quite normal, even healthy for him to say “no.” This is a reflection of his separation from you and creating independence. You can even play a game where you set up a bunch of things – clothes, food, toys and give him the opportunity to make choices and many times to say “no.”

I hope I helped…