There is almost nothing surprising about all of the modern social network, all of them are pretty much known to everyone. Except for probably the three new features on Facebook which were just introduced.

Has it actually already happened to you that you try posting something and then something quite strange happens? And we are not talking about the lights going out or your computer freezing – this is something else. Isn’t there something sweet and pleasantly surprising?

Has it happened that when you posted something, balloons or confetti came falling down, or hearts kept flying up your entire screen? Or even just a bunch of thumbs up? It still hasn’t happened? And, how would you like if it happens to you? In addition to this, it does not even have to be a post, you can comment somewhere and still make this happen, so, how coll can that be?

This is why we are here – today we are going to teach you how to make little miracles on Facebook. So, how crazy can that be, eh? Can we get started now?

Confetti and balloons – all you need to do here are to comment somewhere Congrats, or just put it on a status, and see what kind of magic will happen. Different colored confetti and balloons will come up your screen. What better way to elevate your mood a bit?

In addition to this, if blue or pink confetti appear it means that you are probably expecting a baby, and the color determines the gender of your infant. And if you see yellow balloons, it means that you are not pregnant, but no need to worry, you can easily fix that!

Hearts – how many times has it happened for you to send XOXO to your loved one or your best friend, and can you imagine that one day, when you post that, hearts will come up flying all over the screen? How cool would that be, right?

Thumbs up – so, the same as it is for the previous two, all you need to do is type in the word Rad and observe countless thumbs filling your screen up! It does sound like fun! You can share this appreciation at any time you feel like that is something you should do at a certain point.