Many women believe that having sex during pregnancy is uncomfortable, and some even think they can damage the fetus. But this is not true. Sex during pregnancy is the best thing that could happen to a woman because that way she relaxes and hardens her muscles for easier childbirth.

Benefits of sex during pregnancy:

  1. It reduces the blood pressure, which usually increases during pregnancy.

Love hormone that is released during intercourse is called oxytocin, and is one of those that reduce the tension and stress. This way, blood pressure will always be normalized. But, sex during pregnancy not only reduces the pressure, but also prevents from heart attack.

  1. It improves sleep because after sex pregnant women feel comfortable and relaxed.

Of course, every pregnant woman goes through the same process: frequent urination, back pain and problems with finding the right position for sleeping, so they sleep a little while the fetus is growing in their womb. In this way, the orgasm will help them to fall asleep faster and not to have major problems during the night.

  1. Sex during pregnancy is something that most women avoid.

But the facts show that having a little romance with your partner can increase the intimacy. During that time you can build a very strong relationship in marriage.

  1. Finally, sex during pregnancy may reduce pain. Again, the hormones are involved.

Estrogen, progesterone and prolactin increase the blood in veins in the vagina and pelvis, which increases the lube and reduces the sensitivity to pain.