We usually apply sunscreen without thinking about it, to all the body parts that are exposed to the sun – whether we are on the beach in a bathing suit or just walking through the city. However, a few points of the body we often forget to protect from the sun.

  1. The scalp


If your scalp burn, you can experience a very intense pain. To protect this part of the body, take a cotton swab and soak it with sunscreen. Apply it directly on the hairline.

  1. Ears


The thin skin of the ear is very sensitive when it comes to contact with sunlight. In perfumeries you can find lip balm with SPF-TV, which is easier to apply to this area.

  1. Eyelids


Although sunglasses protect your eyes, the lids should be protected from the sum. You can also use lip balm with SPF-TV, which will not irritate your eyes.

  1. Nails


You probably already know that sunscreen needs to be applied to the exterior part of the palms, to prevent premature skin aging and the appearance of sunspots. However, you cannot forget about the nails, so apply a top coat on them that protects from the UV rays.

  1. Between the toes


While on the beach, your feet are under the direct impact of the sun. So, if you don’t want to apply sunscreen using the hands, get a sun protection spray and just spray all over them.