In the first phase, the phase of lust, the sex is phenomenal, your body does everything to make you believe that you’re crazy for sex. Chemicals released in the brain run in your veins, testosterone levels are high and make you crave for intercourse. Capture that moment and save it because you’ll need it for some other time.
– Love phase “everything is better and better”
Sex is an intimate relationship and orgasm is a regular event. If you are not experiencing it, it will be hard to explain to your partner. Put your hand on his and lead him to the direction you want. Men just love instructions.
– Phase knowledge “He knows what works for me”
It’s wonderful to be with someone who knows all about you. A kiss here, a touch there and here we are. But, you’ll get used to reaching orgasm quickly and it may lead to boredom. The more ways you have to reach orgasm, the better. That way the sex won’t be a routine for either of you.
– Phase loyalty “I know his body like my pocket”
You know each other very well. Maybe too well. He knows what kind of panties you wear during your period and you know how he cut his nails. Knowing your deffects can lower the attraction. Boost your desire for kissing for 10 minutes minimum. Research shows that testosterone from the saliva helps to maintain interest in sex.
– Parenting phase “You just do not have the time or energy”
Sex or sleep? Most parents would choose sleep. Sleep, of course, but make sure you find time for activities with your partner. Bathe together, massage or rub. Go to bed naked. The body remembers the previous relationships and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make love.