Month: October 2016

Do You Take Enough Vitamins?

How many vitamins on a daily basis are necessary for our body to be healthy and to strengthen the immune system?  You certainly have asked this question to yourself for you and your children. Mothers always think that children are not receiving enough vitamins so they add supplements in the form of syrup to increase [...]

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Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Child’s Creativity?

“I truly believe: We are not growing into creative people, we outgrow the creativity.”- said Ken Robinson. We decided to share with you some of our thoughts regarding one of the most famous lectures on the theme education and creativity. The sentence which we started this post with is, unfortunately, a lot of truth. Its [...]

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Uncomfortable sweating: fast and effective help against it

Sweat, no matter how unpleasant it is, it’s a natural phenomenon that helps in regulating of the body temperature. But if overdone, it can cause problems in social life and love relationships. When the temperature rises, for any reason, the sweat glands begin to produce more sweat. Maybe because you are nervous, it may be [...]

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Increasing Immunity In Children

When a child is sick, usually there are many prejudices. The child is slunk, quiet, has a fever, it will not eat. All this falls within the defense mechanisms, because the body engages all its strength to fight against the enemy and not spent on other things, and not on digestion either. Periods when we [...]

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